On behalf of Klubokawiarnia Chłodna 25 and Stand-up Polska we would like you to invite you to our special night.

Join us as we perform stand-up in English and record the show. The recordings will be used to later conquer the global comedy marketplace. As is our destiny, it was foretold.

Date: Monday, 18.01.2016
Time: 8
Place: Klubokawiarnia Chłodna 25
Tickets: 10 zł (at the door)

Gaweł Feliga
Though Gaweł has been on television a few times, he is generally not a bad person. Always skeptical, often a misanthrope; he attempts to style this with jokes about how we are all doomed.
Experienced with observational and dark humor (i.e. life, basically), he points out how nothing is black and white. Not even on an old monochrome television really, it’s more of a grayscale. And the buzzing and flickering willdrive you to madness, or worse, to making experimental sample-based noise „music”.

Cezary Jurkiewicz
Comedian, writer, hypochondriac with a incisive view on todays problems. In this show he turns his dirty soul inside out inviting the audience into the black abyss of hopelessness and lost opportunities.
He’s been doing stand-up since 2008. You may know him from Comedy Central Presents, HBO Stand-up Comedy Club. In 2012 he started the first School of Stand-up Comedy, where he teaches writing.
Cezary is a Second City alumni in writing.

Karol Kopiec
Polish stand-up comedian and improviser invites you for a funny ride through the world of not so obvious assossiations and connections. Karol loves abstract comedy and improvisation. This time he brings you his way of communicating which will be totally in english. Body Language will remain polish though. Karol had a chance to perform in english occasionally in Warsaw Comedy Club, at the Pure Sky Club with Stand-up Comedy Poland and once in Laugh Factory in Chicago.

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