Increase! are Andreas Hoem Røysum, guitarist and clarinetist, and drummer Andreas Wildhagen. They are both active figures on the thriving Norwegian jazz- and improvisation scene. Listeners may have come across Wildhagens drumming in bands like Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit, Lana Trio, Nakama, Mopti or in countless ad-hoc settings, while Røysum has come to attention in recent years through collaborations with players like Frode Gjerstad, Henrik Nørstebø and Rhys Chatham. As a duo their expression is coloured by a wide range of interests; influences from contemporary music, jazz and Indian classical music are all there, but are all subordinated to a deep appreciaton of the abstract concept of sound in general.

Tkacz/ Ramberg
Improvised music from saxophonist Bartek Tkacz and Norwegian drummer Filip Ramberg – two active members of the independent Warsaw jazz scene, both playing at many Impro Mitings and Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra events.

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